Useful links

This page compiles various resources that might be useful to MSP members.

Online discussion and seminars

MSP 101

The MSP 101 seminar is now hybrid, on Fridays at 3pm.

SPLS Zulipchat

Scottish Programming Language discussion forum, and online seminar announcements.

Category theory Zulipchat

Category theory discussion forum.


Online seminar on Logic and Semantics, Wednesday 2pm.

LLAMA seminar

A seminar at the ILLC Amsterdam, usually Wednesday at 3pm.

Mailing lists


A list for everyone (internal or external to MSP) who is interested in MSP-related activities. If you have trouble subscribing to this list, you might need to e-mail Conor.


Programming Language research mailing-list of the University of Glasgow.


Programming Language interest Group, University of Edinburgh.

DSG seminar

Dependable Systems Group seminar, Heriot-Watt University.


Scottish Programming Language Seminar announcements.

TYPES and TYPES-announce

Lists for discussions and announcements (respectively) on type theory and related topics.

Agda list

Mailing list for the Agda language.


Applied Category Theory mailing list. To subscribe, send an e-mail to


Category theory mailing list.

MSP twitter list

a list collating tweets by members of the MSP group.

Internal CIS resources


Useful info about e-mail, CIS account, eduroam, printing, personal webpages, etc.


Internal CIS gitlab server.

CIS Room Booking system

To book rooms on floors 11 to 14 of the Livingstone Tower.

Strathclyde Room Booking system

To book rooms on other floors.

Glasgow accommodation tips

For MSP newcomers: how to find a flat in Glasgow and other useful local information.