Applied Category Theory 2022: Programme

Talks will be given live, either in-person in Glasgow or online. All talks will be given to both in-person and online participants simultaneously. The programme is made up of distinguished presentations (40 minutes long, marked with yellow background below), ordinary presentations (20 minutes long), and software demos (also 20 minutes long, marked with blue background below). Online presentations are marked with gray background.

Time (BST) Monday 18 July Tuesday 19 July Wednesday 20 July Thursday 21 July Friday 22 July
8:30–9:00 Registration
9:00–10:30 Chair: Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg Chair: Christina Vasilakopoulou Chair: Paolo Perrone Chair: Jeremy Ledent Chair: Vladimir Zamdzhiev
Categories of Differentiable Polynomial Circuits for Machine Learning [s] [v]
Paul Wilson and Fabio Zanasi (online)
Dynamical Systems via Domains [s] [v]
Levin Hornischer
Categorical Semantics for Feynman Diagrams [s] [v]
Razin Shaikh and Stefano Gogioso
Value Iteration is Optic Composition [s] [v]
Jules Hedges and Riu Rodriguez Sakamoto
Coend Optics for Quantum Combs [s] [v]
James Hefford and Cole Comfort
Quantum Supermaps are Characterized by Naturality [s] [v]
Matt Wilson, Giulio Chiribella and Aleks Kissinger
Characterization of Contextuality with Semi-Module Čech Cohomology [s] [v]
Sidiney Montanhano (online)
Open Dynamical Systems as Coalgebras for Polynomial Functors, with Application to Predictive Processing [s] [v]
Toby St Clere Smithe
Monoidal Reverse Differential Categories [s] [v]
Jean-Simon Lemay, Geoff Cruttwell, Jonathan Gallagher and Dorette Pronk (online)
Diegetic Representation of Feedback in Open Games [s] [v]
Matteo Capucci
Unification of Modal Logic via Topological Categories [s] [v]
Lingyuan Ye (online)
Simplicial Distributions and Quantum Contextuality [s] [v]
Cihan Okay, Aziz Kharoof and Selman Ipek
Typed and Stratified Models with Slice Categories (demo) [s] [v]
Sophie Libkind, Evan Patterson, James Fairbanks, Andrew Baas and Micah Halter
Statistical Programming with Categorical Measure Theory and LazyPPL (demo) [s] [v]
Swaraj Dash, Younesse Kaddar, Hugo Paquet and Sam Staton
Universal Properties of Asymmetric Lens Proxy Pullbacks [s] [v]
Matthew Di Meglio (online)
On the Pre- and Promonoidal Structure of Spacetime [s] [v]
James Hefford and Aleks Kissinger
10:30–11:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:00–12:30 Chair: Martha Lewis Chair: Joe Moeller Chair: Dylan McDermott Chair: Bryce Clarke Chair: Fabrizio Romano Genovese
Talking Space: Inference from Spatial Linguistic Meanings [s] [v]
Vincent Wang-Mascianica and Bob Coecke
Dynamic Categories, Dynamic Operads: from Deep Learning to Prediction Markets [s] [v]
Brandon Shapiro and David Spivak
Monoidal Streams for Dataflow Programming [s] [v]
Elena Di Lavore, Giovanni de Felice and Mario Román
A Category of Surface-Embedded Graphs [s] [v]
Malin Altenmüller and Ross Duncan
A Probability Monad on Measure Spaces [s] [v]
Robert Furber
Compositionality as We See It, Everywhere Around Us [s] [v]
Bob Coecke
Categorification of Negative Information Using Enrichment [s] [v]
Andrea Censi, Emilio Frazzoli, Jonathan Lorand and Gioele Zardini
Extending Resource Monotones Using Kan Extensions [s] [v]
Priyaa Varshinee Srinivasan, Robin Cockett, Carlo Maria Scandolo and Isabelle Jianing Geng (online)
Exchangeability and the Radon Monad: Probability Measures, Quantum States and Multisets [s] [v]
Sam Staton and Ned Summers
Quantum NLP Using lambeq (demo) [v]
Dimitri Kartsaklis, Ian Fan, Richie Yeung, Thomas Hoffmann, Vid Kocijan, Charles London, Anna Pearson, Alexis Toumi, Giovanni de Felice, Konstantinos Meichanetzidis, Stephen Clark and Bob Coecke
On Ramsey Theory, Category Theory and Entropy [s] [v]
Dragan Mašulović (online)
Central Submonads and Notions of Computation [s] [v]
Titouan Carette, Louis Lemonnier and Vladimir Zamdzhiev
Differential 2-rigs [s] [v]
Fosco Loregian and Todd Trimble (online)
A Hypergraph Category for Exact Gaussian Inference [s] [v]
Dario Stein
Fibrational Linguistics: Language Acquisition [s] [v]
Fosco Loregian, Fabrizio Genovese and Caterina Puca
Polynomial Functors and Shannon Entropy [s] [v]
David Spivak
Promonads and String Diagrams for Effectful Categories [s] [v]
Mario Román
Canonical Gradings of Monads [s] [v]
Flavien Breuvart, Dylan McDermott and Tarmo Uustalu
Monoidal Width: Capturing Rank Width [s] [v]
Elena Di Lavore and Paweł Sobociński
12:30–14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00–15:30 Chair: Bob Coecke Chair: Bruno Gavranovic Chair: Mario Roman Chair: Elena di Lavore Chair: David Spivak
Data Structures for Topologically Sound Higher-Dimensional Diagram Rewriting [s] [v]
Amar Hadzihasanovic and Diana Kessler
Dependent Optics [s] [v]
Pietro Vertechi
Fully Abstract Categorical Semantics for Digital Circuits [s] [v]
George Kaye, David Sprunger and Dan Ghica
The d-Separation Criterion in Categorical Probability [s] [v]
Tobias Fritz and Andreas Klingler
Dialectica Logical Principles [s] [v]
Davide Trotta, Matteo Spadetto and Valeria de Paiva (online)
Magnitude and Topological Entropy of Digraphs [s] [v]
Steve Huntsman (online)
Diagrammatic Presentations of Enriched Monads and Theories for a Subcategory of Arities [s] [v]
Rory Lucyshyn-Wright and Jason Parker
String Diagrams for Layered Explanations [s] [v]
Leo Lobski and Fabio Zanasi
Enriched Lenses [s] [v]
Bryce Clarke and Matthew Di Meglio
Compositional Thermostatics [s] [v]
Owen Lynch, John Baez and Joe Moeller
A Category-Theoretic Proof of the Ergodic Decomposition Theorem [s] [v]
Sean Moss and Paolo Perrone
Strong Shift Equivalence and Bialgebras in Traced Monoidal Categories [s] [v]
Emmanuel Jeandel
Making Modalities (Lax) Monoidal [s] [v]
Lachlan McPheat, Timo Lang and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
Cornering Optics [s] [v]
Chad Nester, Mario Román and Guillaume Boisseau
Compositional Exploration of Combinatorial Scientific Models [s] [v]
Kristopher Brown, Tyler Hanks and James Fairbanks
Non-Probabilistic Markov Categories for Causal Modeling in Machine Learning [s] [v]
Dhurim Cakiqi and Max Little
Enriched Structure-Semantics Adjunctions and Monad-Theory Equivalences for Subcategories of Arities [s] [v]
Jason Parker and Rory Lucyshyn-Wright
15:30–16:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:00–17:30 Chair: Jade Master Chair: Malin Altenmuller Chair: Elena Di Lavore Chair: Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg Chair: James Fairbanks
Structured Versus Decorated Cospans [s] [v]
John Baez, Kenny Courser and Christina Vasilakopoulou (online)
A Comonadic Account of Feferman-Vaught-Mostowski Theorems [s] [v]
Nihil Shah, Dan Marsden and Tomáš Jakl (online)
Adjoint school presentations

Compositional Thermodynamics [s] [v]
Lia Yeh, Manojna Namuduri, Nandan Kulkarni, Chad Harper

Fuzzy type theory for opinion dynamics [s] [v]
Sean O'Connor, Greta Coraglia, Shreya Arya, Ana Luiza Tenório

Timed and probabilistic processes [s] [v]
Ruben Van Belle, Pim de Haan, Siddharth Bhat, Miguel Lopez

Algebraic structures in logic and relations [s] [v]
Nathan Haydon, Phoebe Klett, Ralph Sarkis, Rowan Poklewski-Koziell

Industry session [v]
Spencer Breiner (NIST) [s]
Ryan Wisnesky (Conexus) [s]
Brandon Baylor (Chevron)
Jelle Herold (Statebox)
Davidad Dalrymple (Protocol Labs) [s]
Stanislav Kapulkin (Viete) [s]
Mario Álvarez Picallo (Huawei)
Ross Duncan (Cambridge Quantum) [s]
Brendan Fong (Topos Institute) [s] Kreshnik Mati (Klick)
A Diagrammatic View of Differential Equations in Physics [s] [v]
Evan Patterson, Andrew Baas, Timothy Hosgood and James Fairbanks
Lax Liftings and Lax Distributive Laws [s] [v]
Ezra Schoen
Compositional Modeling with Stock and Flow Diagrams [s] [v]
John Baez, Xiaoyan Li, Sophie Libkind, Nathaniel Osgood and Evan Patterson (online)
Categories of Kirchhoff Relations [s] [v]
Robin Cockett, Amolak Ratan Kalra and Shiroman Prakash (online)
Poster session
Individual.jl: Rewriting Individual-Based Models for Epidemiology Using Graph Rewriting (demo) [v]
Sean Wu, Sophie Libkind, Kristopher Brown, Evan Patterson and James Fairbanks
Drinks reception
17:30 Community meeting
19:00 Conference dinner